ACE Education and Awareness

Level Two: ACE Education and Intervention Training

The ACE Education and Intervention Training  is a two-day course that will provide any practitioner working with families and children to understand ACEs and toxic stress.

Over the two days we will also explore the impact ACEs has on individuals and how we can support clients to build resilience and protective factors to mitigate ACEs.

The training will also support delegates to understand trauma informed practice and how they can apply these principles to their work.

Training delivery

We deliver this two day training event for up to 16 delegates and direct to organisations.  Please contact us to discuss in more detail.

About the training

Day One will provide delegates with an understanding of the impact of ACEs. Participants will be provided with information about the ACE study, toxic stress in relation to brain development, exploring individual’s flight, fight and freeze responses and how this may present in individual’s behaviour and vulnerability.

Day One will also include information on trauma informed practice and its impact on supporting individuals to develop resilience. The protective factors that mitigate high ACEs will also be introduced.

Day One:  Aim of Training

bullet points To provide education on impact of toxic stress on the brain

bullet points To increase awareness of ACEs

bullet points To increase confidence in identifying ACEs

bullet points Raise awareness of individuals management of trauma

bullet points To increase delegates confidence on responding to individuals ACE needs

bullet points To educate on trauma informed practice therefore enabling an ACE informed approach to vulnerable clients

Day Two will provide delegates with the confidence to identify ACEs. This session will continue to examine what works when working with individuals with ACEs and, how to employ skills using an ACE/trauma informed approach.

There will be opportunity throughout the training to link evidence to practice and look at how delegates may develop protective factors with clients to promote resilience, mitigate further ACEs and aim for recovery.

Day Two: Aim of Training 

bullet points To increase understanding of the link between ACEs and vulnerability

bullet points To increase understanding of protective factors and resilience for vulnerable individuals

bullet points To explore working with client’s protective factors to develop resilience

bullet points Increase understanding of vicarious self-care and personal resilience

bullet points Increase level of job satisfaction when working with vulnerability

For more information about the ACE Education and Intervention Training, or to request a booking pack please contact us