Living with domestic abuse forces children and young people to develop resilience (unconscious coping strategies) that keep them safe.

This is within the context of unequal power divides and extremely controlling behaviour by the perpetrator.

However this resilience based on risk and survival can have negative long term affects. This is likely to be particularly influential in how the young person develops beliefs and attitudes about themselves, the world around them and differences with gender roles.

The aim of the group is to help children and young people to come to terms with their experiences and to develop positive lifestyle and coping strategies.

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About the programme

The Children and Young People Recovery Toolkit is an 8-week programme for any young person that has witnessed or experienced domestic abuse and are able to take part in a group.

It is unique in its approach using a combination of trauma – informed resilience focused and specific trauma focused cognitive behaviour therapy and person–centred therapeutic principles.

Children & Young People Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit

Topics covered

bullet pointsHow abuse affects our thinking

bullet pointsSelf-esteem – what is it?

bullet pointsWho’s my family?

bullet pointsTalking positive

bullet pointsWays to handle difficult feelings

bullet pointsHealthy relationships and trust

What’s included?

This training event will provide delegates with a comprehensive manual which includes guidance for facilitators, weekly session plans, all handout and materials to run the programme.

The price of this event is £500 plus VAT.
This includes lunch and refreshments throughout the training days.

What people say about this programme

“From the first session the children absolutely blossomed, they opened up and talked about their thoughts and feelings and it was clear to see how much they enjoyed finding their voices.”

” I think the material covered is very important and they clearly learned a lot of useful skills and tools to keep them safe and deal with their experiences.”

“I am a child support working in a women’s refuge and have worked alongside many professionals supporting children who have experienced domestic abuse and this course is by far the most effective support I have found available for children who have experienced domestic violence.”   

Delivering our Recovery Toolkit Programme

The Rock Pool Children and Young People Recovery Toolkit training course is designed to enable individuals to be able to deliver this group programme for Children and Young People who have experienced or witnessed domestic abuse.

There is no need to have any previous group work experience to attend this course and run the programme.

Feedback for the CYP RTK Programme

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