Reduce the impact of ACEs

Our ACEs Recovery Toolkit programmes help support families affected by adverse childhood experiences

Rock Pool’s Adult and Children and Young People ACEs Recovery Toolkits can be delivered by individuals or agencies, giving families practical strategies to help them develop resilience, increase hope and enable recovery.

Our trauma-informed programmes provide families with information that enables them to understand and better manage the experience of living with toxic stress, and gives them practical strategies to help them thrive in their daily lives.

“The programme helps you to understand that your childhood environment was adverse and you were dealing with things children shouldn’t have responsibility for. It has helped me to understand myself and the reasons for my past behaviour.

I’m not a prisoner of my thoughts and feelings anymore. I feel like I’ve done the biggest jail break ever.”

Programme Participant


“The training was absolutely fantastic and very well received by everyone.

I cannot speak highly enough of the facilitation from Chris and also the fantastic toolkit that you have developed.”

Carol Beddow, Assistant Team Manager

Family Support Service, Hampshire County Council

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About the programme

The Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit uses a trauma informed psycho educational model believing that by giving individuals knowledge we enable them to better understand and deal with their previous experiences.

This toolkit has been written to educate and inform parents about the impact of ACEs on them and their children. The programme provides guidance on the protective factors that help ameliorate the impact of ACEs and practical methods for parents developing their resilience they need for themselves and their children.

“A bad childhood doesn’t have to define you as an adult”

Chris Devaney from Birmingham Children’s Trust has been one of the first people in the country to deliver the Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit.  Eight people completed the programme, five of which had four or more ACEs.

By the end of the programme all participants recorded that their self esteem had improved, with one participant going from a score of 3 to 20.

You can read the full report here.

The CYP ACEs Recovery Toolkit uses a trauma informed psycho educational model believing that by giving individuals knowledge we enable them to better understand and deal with their previous experiences.

The focus of the programme is to provide information and education that will enable CYP to develop resilience to cope with the adversity they have experienced (and may do so in the future).

This will be a 8 week programme with topics covering toxic stress, emotional regulation, connectedness, coping strategies, self-esteem and self-care.

The CYP ACEs Recovery Toolkit uses a combination of creative activities and group working to develop the young people’s resilience and give them opportunity to experience the healing of relational support.

Topics covered in the Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit

bullet points Understanding and living with ACEs
bullet points Developing parental resilience
bullet points Understanding toxic stress and strategies to manage it

bullet points Understanding attachment

bullet pointsNurturing parenting styles
bullet points Managing emotions
bullet points Developing strategies to reduce the potential impact of ACEs on children

Topics covered in the CYP ACEs Recovery Toolkit

bullet points Toxic stress
bullet points Emotional regulation
bullet pointsConnectedness

bullet pointsCoping strategies
bullet points Self-esteem
bullet points Self-care

What’s included

This training event will provide delegates with a comprehensive manual for both programmes which includes guidance for facilitators, weekly session plans, all handout and materials to run the programme.  You will also receive a memory stick with all the programme handouts.

The price of this event is £750 plus VAT.  This includes lunch and refreshments throughout the training days.

There is no need to have any previous group work experience to attend this course and run the programme.

Please note: 

There are conditions attached to this training programme as highlighted below.

Following the training, the newly trained facilitator will be responsible for ensuring participants of their facilitated Adult and/or CYP ACEs Recovery Toolkit complete anonymised feedback forms about their delivery and the Toolkit programme and return them to Rock Pool in order for the Adult and/or CYP ACEs Recovery Toolkit certificate to be awarded.

It will be standard practice for the facilitator to return an anonymised data return form to Rock Pool every time the Adult and/or CYP ACEs Recovery Toolkit programme is completed. This will then enable us to put some measurements in place and we will be able to share the outcomes with all organisations who run the programme.

Facilitators will agree to sign up to a Continuing Professional Development event after two years and before three years post training, to maintain their licence / accreditation.  At this event we will update all facilitators on the programme developments, learning etc.

For more information about the Combined Adult and CYP ACEs Recovery Toolkit please contact us

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