At Rock Pool we believe we need to work with the whole family to deliver lasting change.

The Inspiring Families Programme is an innovative intervention and assessment of families where domestic abuse is an identified component and the families have chosen to stay together.

Delivery Programme

Want to know more about our Inspiring Families Delivery Programme?

The Inspiring Families Programme is an innovative intervention and assessment programme that can help strengthen and stabilise families.

It is a structured 10 week programme for families that are affected by domestic abuse. It provides professionals with a robust framework to assess the parents’ behaviour, coercive control, disguised compliance, the level of current risk and the likelihood of future risk.

It also identifies the potential for change and reduction of risk within the family, or indeed, whether the risk is too high or the potential for change too low to make working with the family a viable option.

The intervention has been designed to be an accessible tool that will provide professionals with the evidence they need to make an assessment of the family and to identify the need and level of intervention required moving forward.

The programme also supports professionals to make intelligent based decisions on what is the right intervention, for that family or individual members of that family at the right time and in the right order.


The benefits of the Inspiring Families Programme for commissioners are:

rockpool family training It provides a robust framework to assess the parent’s behaviour, the level of current and the likelihood of future risk;

rockpool family training It will provide professionals with the evidence they need to make an assessment of the domestic abuse dynamics within the family and enables identification of the type and level of intervention required;

rockpool family training It will allow professionals to test levels of resilience, skills and motivation that will ensure future contracts with families are realistic and achievable;

rockpool family training It will support professionals to target further resources and interventions correctly leading to better outcomes; and

rockpool family training The assessment could support legal proceedings if necessary.

And the benefits for families are:

rockpool family training It offers the opportunity for families to break the cycle of abuse, improving outcomes for children and keeping families together;

rockpool family training It offers families who want to stay together a different option;

rockpool family training It gives parents an opportunity to be part of their own assessment;

rockpool family training It gives parents information to support them making their own decisions;

rockpool family training It gives participants time to reflect on the impact of their behaviour on their relationships and their children;

rockpool family training It provides the opportunity for the child’s voice to be part of the assessment;

rockpool family training It provides the non-abusing parent the opportunity to see what would happen if their partner was part of a whole family intervention; and

rockpool family training It may mean that families separate but with a safe, planned exit.

The positive impact of the Inspiring Families Programme

The following quotes were made by men and women who attended the Pilot Inspiring Families Programme and the improvements made by their respective partners and referenced the positive impact of attending the programme on their children and the family environment:

“I don’t want my children to be in an abusive relationship.”

“It has opened my eyes to the effect of domestic abuse on my children.”

“I’m more aware of the impact on the kids; I spend more time with my family.”

“It has opened both of our eyes to the impact on our children.”

“We have both realised what a healthy relationship should be like.”

What people say about the Inspiring Families Programme:

“The assessment helped us [case review conference] make a decision that we could step the case down from child protection to child in need.” IF Family Social Worker

“I now know what a healthy relationship and unhealthy relationship is – the course has helped me reflect and observe other relationships.”  Female IF Programme Participant

“Now I am strong. Before the course, I was scared but now I can say how I feel.” Female IF Programme Participant

“It helped me realise what I did was wrong and gave me the tools to correct it.” Male IF Programme Participant

“It takes account of the father who is important in the child’s life. It is invaluable to focus on men and to offer them the opportunity to make changes in their lives. You can’t reduce risk in a family if no work is done with the dad.” Senior Executive, Slough Children’s Services Trust

Cost Benefit Analysis

Inspiring Families Programme:
Saves the tax payer an estimated £2.62 for every £1 invested.

The Slough Pilot Programme saved £41,142 in the first six months from the start of the intervention.

Headline findings demonstrate that the Inspiring Families Programme saves the taxpayer an estimated £2.62 for every £1 spent in the first 6 months after the start of intervention with an average saving of £4,114 for every family who attended the Inspiring Families Programme, compared to an average cost of £1,572 per family. This was a total saving of £41,142  across the cohort.

Slough Children Services Trust have now mainstreamed the programme and are about to commence delivery of their third programme.


Following the completion of the first Inspiring Families Programme Slough Children Services Trust have completed a cost benefit analysis of the pilot Inspiring Families Programme that worked with 10 families between 4th May – 13th July 2016.

A Formative Process Evaluation of the Inspiring Families Programme

The evaluation examines how the Inspiring Families Programme works to achieve outcomes for a) professionals and operational practice and, b) Inspiring Families participants – as individuals and couples – and the consequential, preliminary signs of how the Inspiring Families Programme can impact their families.

The findings generated by the report demonstrates that both male and female participants expressed increased feelings of positivity, confidence, strength and empowerment.

The findings also reveal that men developed a better understanding of what constitutes domestic abuse and both men and women indicate that they are more aware of the impacts on their children.

The IF Programme assessments are viewed as a vital evidence base for social workers and case review conference panels.  This in turn demonstrates that the IF Programme has the capacity to enhance practitioner awareness of and multi agency response to risk within a family dynamic and can help identify behaviour patterns e.g. coercive control and disguised compliance and start to develop strategies to manage risk.


In November 2016 Dr Jasmin Tregidga of WestPoint Crime and Social Research completed a formative process evaluation of the pilot Inspiring Families Programme.

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