Using over 30 years experience working in this sector designing trauma informed programmes, Rock Pool have developed a programme for people who have experienced acquaintance, dating and stranger rape.


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About the programme

This Sexual Violence Recovery Toolkit has been written for individuals who have experienced acquaintance, dating and stranger rape.  It is an evidence based programme that supports clients to be the expert and at the centre of their own recovery.

Based on the established Adult Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit this programme is delivered over 12 weeks.  It is a group programme that uses a trauma informed and a psycho-educational approach to enable clients to move forward from the trauma of experiencing sexual violence.  It supports participants to develop positive lifestyle coping strategies, restoring a sense of safety and enabling people to return to active citizenship.

Cardiff Sexual Assault Referral Center have recently delivered two Sexual Violence Recovery Toolkit Programmes.  You can download the evaluation report here.

Aim of the programme

What people say about the training

The aim of the programme is to help individuals who have experienced sexual violence and who are in a position to take part in a group to come to terms with their experiences and to develop positive lifestyle and coping strategies.

The programme supports participants to better understand their experience, based on the theory that with increased knowledge the better equipped participants are to deal with the impact of it and therefore their own recovery and well-being.

“I will be telling everyone about this course. It was thought provoking, inspirational and interactive. It was also so easy to learn I loved it.”

“Attend it’s worth it!”

“Really worthwhile course provides simple yet effective techniques to help people who have experienced sexual violence.”

Topics covered in the programme

What participants say about attending the programme

bullet pointsSexual violence myths

bullet points Self-esteem – what is it?

bullet points Post traumatic stress being

    Being assertive

   Intimate relationships post disclosure

   Building healthy relationships and intimacy

” It has been the best thing I have ever done. Thank you for helping me out.”

” This course has been a lifeline for me when all other avenues of help have been difficult to access.  The work has helped me understand my situation in new and positive ways.  Thank you for all your help.”

“I have learnt how to change negatives into positives.”

” The group setting was absolutely ideal. One to one counselling doesn’t work for me… As a group, I felt less of a victim, and didn’t feel alone.”


What’s included in the training?

The Sexual Violence Recovery Toolkit facilitators training is a two-day course that enables individuals working with people who have experienced acquaintance, dating and stranger rape to deliver the programme.

We provide delegates with a comprehensive manual which includes guidance for facilitators, weekly session plans, all handouts and materials required to run the sessions.

All participants will also receive a certificate of licence to deliver the programme.

The cost of this training is £500 plus VAT.  This includes lunch and refreshments throughout the training days.