Developing Hope, Resilience & Recovery through Trauma Informed Interventions


Rock Pool can offer organisations a number of options to support them to become trauma informed including:

Trauma Informed Practice: Training for practitioners that require a baseline level knowledge and skills to understand the impact of trauma for their clients.

Trauma Specific Practice: Training for practitioners that work directly and have frequent contact with people who may be affected by trauma.


At Rock Pool we believe we need to be working with the whole family to deliver lasting change.

The Inspiring Families Programme is an innovative intervention and assessment of families where domestic abuse is an identified component and the families have chosen to stay together.


ACEs are traumatic events that affect children while growing up; they have the potential to damage health across the life course.

The ACEs Recovery Toolkit is a 10 week programme for any adult that have ACEs.  We also provide training for practitioners to help them understand ACEs and toxic stress and to explore how we can support clients to build resilience and protective factors to mitigate ACEs.


The Adult Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit is a 12 week programme that helps participants understand the impact of having experienced domestic abuse.

The programme gives participants practical strategies to help them increase their confidence and self-esteem and move on from their experience.


The Children and Young People Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit is a 8 week programme for any young person who has experienced or witnessed domestic abuse.

The programme will help children and young people to understand and come to terms with their experiences and to develop positive lifestyle and coping strategies moving forward.


The Sexual Violence Recovery Toolkit is a 12 week programme for people who have experienced acquaintance, dating and stranger rape.

The programme uses a trauma informed and a psycho-educational approach to enable clients to manage their coping strategies and move forward from the trauma of experiencing sexual violence.  


Trauma Informed Practice Training

Delivered direct to organisations

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Trauma Specific Practice Training

Delivered direct to organisations

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ACEs Awareness and Education 

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Adverse Childhood Experiences Recovery Toolkit Training


5th and 6th June – FULLY BOOKED


17th and 18th July


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